Lucia Peters

Hi! I Write Things!

Pen for hire with more than a decade of experience.

I put words (mainly) on the internet about a variety of topics including, but not limited to: Travel, weird history, books, pets, folklore and urban legends, web culture, food and wine, home, shopping, true crime, science and health, career, and money.

My specialty: Spookiness. Oddities. Curiosities. Things that make you go, "Ah!", "Hmmm," or "Eh?"

In a previous life: I directed and stage managed live theatre.

Pronouns: She/her.

BuzzFeedThe Ghost In My MachineMindBounceBustleThe Toast
(Plus a few others that are now defunct. The internet, alas, is not always forever.)

In Print:
Dangerous Games to Play in the Dark (Chronicle Books, Sept. 2019)
Notable Podcast Appearances:
Way Too Interested, episode 12: Creepypasta (with Chuck Wendig)
Particularly Cool Stuff:
The Complicated, Empowering, Messy History Of Princess CultureHere’s What Happened When I Stayed In A Notoriously Haunted Airbnb For The NightLearning To Be A Superhero When The World Feels Unsafe To YouOn The Elevator Game: The History Of A Modern Urban LegendIn The Dark, Louise Paxton, And The Line Between Fact & FictionThe Making Of "No Through Road," An Internet Found Footage Horror ClassicThe Backrooms, Explained: How To Make Sense Of The Internet's Favorite Non-Reality